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Public Exposure

A series of int'l presentations by HiH

AlkisVladimirIMG 6312 resize20 years later: prof. V. Markov and Alk. Lembessis

Early Feb 2013 marked a period of 3 years since the day when the Hellenic Institute of Holography launched its ambitious self-financed program HoloCultura for the holographic recording of objects of cultural interest; and the 6 six months preceding this point in time witnessed a series of consecutive international presentations on the results of such works. 

Starting from the latest event on Feb 4th, 2013 at OPTO2013  in San Francisco (USA) during the annual conference  SPIE Photonics West and within the thematic framework of Practical Holography XXVII: Materials and Applications, HiH presented to an international scientific audience of holographers the results of its experimental works related to its intelligent HoLoFoS systems developed for the illumination of full-colour analog holograms and digital holographic prints. An abstract of this presentation as well as the full paper can be found in the published Proceedings of this conference (SPIE Volume 8644) available at SPIE Digital Library whereas the relevant Powerpoint presentation can be viewed by selecting the following link.

HoLoFoS: An optimized LED illumination system for color reflection hologram display         (PDF, 3.62 Mb).

AlkisatOPTO2013 resizeAt the side of this conference, the usual informal meeting of the Technical Holography Group took place under the guidance of Prof. Hans Bjelkhagen, in which attendants are given the opportunity to witness from close the latest developments in the area of display holography. During this meeting, HiH presented the latest generation working prototype of its intelligent LED illuminant HoLoFoS (v4) and was able to collect invaluable feedback from its experimental use with display holograms of various types submitted by participants. Overview images from this model of illuminant can be seen by ...

... selecting the relevant presentation (PDF, 1.32Mb) at this meeting, from where the photographs below were also taken. It is worth noting that the design and hand-made modelling of this illuminant were made by the internationally awarded industrial designer Yiannis Georgaras (Red Dot Design Award Winner 2013 και 2008), already known from his participation in the design of the ATHENS2004 Olympic Torch.

OPTO2013-TechnicalGroup resizeHolo Technical Group OPTO2013-Bjelkhagen-Klug resizeH.Bjelkhagen, M.Klug OPTO2013-Hans-Stas-Alkis resizeS.Zacharovas, A.Lembessis, H.Bjelkhagen




HOLOEXPO logoThe busy period of presentations started already back in Sep 2012 with the participation of HIH once again at HOLOEXPO, the annual scientific meeting of East European holographers. This time, HOLOEXPO2012 took place in the town of Suzdal (Russia), the historic cultural center of Russian Orthodox Church. In this conference, HiH was called to update participants not only on the results of its development works but also on the recent holography exhibition taking place at the MIT Museum in Boston (USA). 

An impressive full-colour Denisyuk (OptoClone©) hologram of an EVZON1912 tin-soldier model was demonstrated to participants with the aid of the intelligent LED illuminant HoLoFoS (v3). Both items attracted considerable acclaim by some of the most esteemed world holographers, those who pioneered display holography of museum artifacts during the 1980s and whose unique innovative monochrome holograms travelled the globe. Within this context and on account of the scientific nature of the conference, HiH presentation extended to its cooperation with the Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser of the Foundation for research and Technology (FORTH) of Crete (Greece) in the use of complementary to holography tools and techniques for the recording, study, structural analysis and preservation of works of art.   

HOLOEXPO2012-Evzonas2012-attractingattention resize HOLOEXPO2012-Alkisinplenary resizeL.Tanin, S.Odinokov, A.Lembessis HOLOEXPO2012 Evzonas1912-groupofadmirers resize


By selecting the following link, HiH presentation at this conference can be viewed entitled:

Lasers & Holography in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage         (PDF, 2.11 Mb) 

whereas through the link below containing unofficial personal photographs

Modern Progress of Art Holography as seen at MIT Conference in June 2012          (PDF, 1.92 Mb)

a short virtual navigation of the contemporry holography exhibition The Jeweled Net  taking place at the MIT Museum can be witnessed. This exhibition -originally planned to last until Sep 2013- is now expected to be extended to Sep 2014 on account of its popular success with public.

Alkis--Yulia-SuzdalSep2012-IMG 5317 resizeJ. Berezkina, A.Lembessis HOLOEXPO2012-InVaninsroom resizeA. Schwarzwald,  M. Shevtsov,  A. Lembessis,   G.& V. Vanin
HOLOEXPO2012-AlkisMiS resizeM.Shevtsov, A,Lembessis



HoloPack2012logo The presence of HiH in the annual world meeting of commercial holography HOLOPACK/HOLOPRINT (which took place in Nov 2012 in Vienna, Austria) on this occasion was indirect through the participation of the associated company TAURUS SecureSolutionS. The content of  this paper focused on the use of holographic and related techniques in the accreditation of works of art, a highly innovative area being made internationally available by the Greek organization ArtGnomon, in the development of which TAURUS largely contributes and invests.

At the side of this conference, HiH was given the opportunity to demonstrate the latest developments in the field of display holography and necessary associated illumination systems. In a special setup made available at the entrance of the Commercial Exhibition running in parallel to the conference, an Optical Clone (OptoClone© ) of a model of a traditional 1912 Greek soldier was displayed in a custom-made wooden box incorporating an LED illuminant HoLoFoS (model v3). The whole setup for the holographic recording of cultural objects was demonstrated with the use of an explanatory holographic digital print (GEOLA) adequately illuminated by an early functional prototype of the latest generation LED lighting system HoLoFoS (v4).


HOLOPACK2012Vienna-ZZZyclops resize HOLOPACK2012Vienna-Entrance resize HOLOPACK2012Vienna-Evzonas1912 resize


Not only these exhibits but -equally- the presentation of TAURUS SecureSolutionS, in which the overall framework and business model for holographic recordings of works of art were outlined, attracted the interest of conference participants. By selecting the link below, the relevant presentation can be viewed:

Holography in Accreditation of Works of Art        (PDF, 3.36 Mb)



EUROMED2012logo The high-caliber scientific conference on Cultural Heritage  EUROMED2012 took place in Limassol of Cyprus at the end of Oct 2012 under the auspices of UNESCO and EU Presidency. There and within the thematic context of "Non-destructive diagnosis technologies for the safe conservation and traceability of cultural assets", ArtGnomon presented its published paper on the proposed methodology for the accreditation of works of art through proprietary integrated documentation. The practical tangible advantages of this approach were presented through a recent case study which attracted public media attention (Diamantides vs. Sotheby's).  

The original work of ArtGnomon was published as a PROJECT by Springer in the 900-page Proceedings Volume titled  "Progress in Cultural Heritage Preservation" whereas it can also be read here (within the context of Open Scientific Access) by selecting the link below

Science in Aid of Expert Opinion: A Tell-tale on disputed Artworks        (Flash SWF, 5.49 Mb)

 EUROMED2012-EvzonasHiHcroppedHiH contributes to the proposal of ArtGnomon by offering the creation of Optical Clones EUROMED2012-Alkis (OptoClone©) as the unique innovative method for the absolute ultra-realistic three-dimensional holographic recording of works of art with the use of the proprietary transportable equipment specifically developed for this purpose (ZZZyclops). A sample result of this recording technique (EVZON 1912) was presented at the side of this conference along with the necessary optimized illumination system (HoLoFoS v3).



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