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The Hellenic Institute of Holography has digitized out of its archives all past issues of the historical magazine HOLOGRAPHICS INT'L.

These have been added online under our Library category Periodicals>Holographics Int'l where -for reasons of copyright and Intellectual Property rights- they are available in intentionally low resolution format sufficient exclusively for reading/browsing (no print or download permitted). By making available all 8 past issues of this unique source of historical knowledge and information during the years of its publication (1987-1990), we offer all holographers its content for scientific research purposes

Founded by Dr. Sunny Bains in 1987, this magazine covered holographic science, art, and engineering. The title was eventually sold to SPIE in 1991. Hiring her as an editor, the society published two annual editions of the Holographics International Directory and Resource Guide. If of interest, here are her comments about the magazine on its 20th anniversary as they appeared on Dr. Synny Bains' website.

The cost of acquisition, digitization and online hosting of past issues of Holographics Int'l was covered by the HiH and these are now freely available for browsing on the Web for anybody interested in the historical study of the early years of applications of Holography. However, those interested in adding back copies of this magazine in its original printed form may wish to contact its editor at the following address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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